Key West Trip

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My daughter and I have just returned from a week long road trip. It was North Myrtle Beach to Key West and back. We drove the blue thunderbird and it just performed flawlessly. Got the usual waves, thumbs up, and folks gathering around the car at rest stops, etc. We drove almost two thousand miles and the Bird did just great. We left the hard top at home and drove most of the time with the convertible top down. I couldn't help but notice that the car really feels best right around 80 mph. Got around 26 miles per gallon.
We did not see another new TBird on the highway (mostly interstate 95), but we did see a yellow one on the corner of a Ford dealership in Homestead, Fla. and a red one at a dealership close to West Palm Beach.

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Norman. I've driven Venus almost 3,000 miles since her arrival in early April. So far, as you said, flawless

I am curious how you packed for a week-long trip for two, perhaps you left the boot cover at home. Bet you used a lot of sun screen.

I have friends in Melbourn and a brother-in-law just this side if Key West I will probably head that way in soon.

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Charlie; yes, we left the boot and everything else that came with the car at home. My daughter and I each packed one case and a couple of small travel bags. The Thunderbird trunk is certainly an incentive to pack lightly! And , yes, lots of sunscreen. It was, as one would expect, very humid in Key West. 90 degree days and the high humidity made it seen like the middle of July feels here in North Myrtle Beach.
By the way, bring that Blue Thunderbird over to the beach. We'll also recruit HeelBird and then have a 3 car parade of blue Birds on highway 17!
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