Keep the Main thing...

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There is an old saying...the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

What I've enjoyed most about my new 'Bird has been the interaction between members on the various forums. This one, in particular, has been a real plus to my day.

I realize there is a new forum that has started, but folks, whatever the problems have been, can we let it go.

Let's get back to what keeps us talking...let's drop the hard feelings, bruised egos or whatever...and let's just talk about the great fun we're having with our cars...

...can we please let it go and keep the main thing the main thing! I enjoy my car too much to not have a place to talk about it (got a big thumbs up yesterday from a UPS driver when he saw my B/B premium!)

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The thing with deleting the Destin posts was avoidable, heck I would have created a separate Forum for him if he asked.

I have deleted a few controversial posts pertaining to the pedal cars, but that was a long time ago. It was smooth sailing until the Destin posts which I tried to accommodate, but everyone was too busy screaming about 1st amendment rights and free speech to try to work out a resolution. I have bent over backwards for Tim to help him promote his event in Destin which owes much of it's success to this congregation of people.

You are correct, all problems can be resolved. I tried to resolved the destin thing, and they still were ready to leave, some people are hard to please.

The facts remain that very few posts have been altered on this board. One was under advice of legal counsel. The others were GW. Ask around to experienced surfers and they will tell you that most boards have almost DAILY moderation comments added. I have been practically abscent for almost a month while this was going on!

When you are getting emails like this from one of the new moderators, it is a little hard to be civil. They claim they are running a classy operation, you better believe with people of this class in charge, they are going to have BIG problems.


You are full of it...full of yourself and a clueless pathetic excuse. No
wonder you have bounced from job to job and have no earthly idea about how
to work with and listen to customers.

TBirTim has ABSOLUTELY no hidden agenda. He is a terrific and highly
successful individual (unlike you) who, like the rest of us, loves his car
and is proud of it. He has taken his own valuable time and considerable
money out of his own pocket to put together and run some wonderful events
for us. Now some of the rest of us, including people from around the
country, are joining up with us for the sheer enjoyment of our cars.

Of course, you would know nothing about that since you can't afford a
TBird and,in your own words, you wife would whip your ass if you bought one.
You poor, pathetic loser.

We are NOT interested in driving large traffic to our forum. We are all
successful business people and are not the least bit interested in creating
a litlle nit-**** web forum. Who cares!

We are interested in creating and sharing fun experiences ... without some
pseudo-computer-nerd telling us what we can or can't do. We are financialy
successful people who can afford a $40,000 toy and we are only trying to
enhance our enjoyment by involving 40 or 50 like minded successful people
who are bright, fun, and love the car. That leaves you out on all 5 counts.

Get lost. We don't need you or any more of your bogus rhetoric.......whoops
excuse me I lapsed into words that are above your 6th grade vocabulary.

Let me restate so even you can comprehend.
We don't need any more of your B.S. Run your pitiful little forum...track
your silly numbers....and take the pitiful profits and some food stamps to
the nearest grocery store and buy yourself a can of beenie-weenies.
Celebrate you success!!

Knock yourself out, Bozo.

Not open for further replies.