Just took delivery 2 day wait

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I had a bird in order at MSRP by a big dealer hear in South Florda...seems all other dealers, but theim, were getting the cars...Turns out Ford cut them out because they were selling them out the back door to brokers....SO...went by another dealer and they had a loaded red hard top in showroom for 5K over sticker....I knew a sales person their and I was able to get the car...It pissed off some other sales people...they had customers for the car...Didn't mind paying over sticker...if you want to play you have to pay...could be dead tomorrow and when you die your dead a long time...I actually bought the car for my wife for our anniversary...This car gets the same kind of attention as some of the Prowlers I have had and gets more attention then my 360 Ferrari Modena...so far impressed with the ride...only have 150 miles on it...my wife doesn't want me to drive it....go figure.


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It seems to be that you should have went to the dealership that you knew someone first.

See my post "VIN/Dates/Deliveries", any info you can supply will be appreciated. By the way I would like the full 17 digit VIN.


Joe O'Donnell
St. Pete, FL
2002 Bird in Hand
Black Premium, Black Top, Black Accent
VIN 102532

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