June Consumers Report Article

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Consumers Reports June issue, Rated the Corvette, Porsche Boxster, Benz SLK, Audi TT and T Bird.
"The T-Bird was easily outscored by the other four."
Apparently they don't like the car that we all love so much.
Things that were rated only good:
Emergency Handling, Ride, Noise, Driving position, Access.
Poor: Trunk.
They also didn't like mpg (17), not comfortable for anyone over 5' 9''.
My only answer to them is. "I LOVE IT". (Plus the hard top has those neat opera windows). -Slyfoxxmi.
slyfoxxmi, read some earlier posts on this. Don't think much about CR.

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Originally posted by slyfoxxmi:

I don't see how you they compare the T-bird to some of those cars anyway. Let's all be honest, I have driven a vette, and they just plain rock. They will make the passenger wet their pants on an open road.

Seems like apples and oranges to me.

We dropped our subscription to CR long ago. It wasn’t relevant any more. We own a 2000 Corvette. It’s a magnificent vehicle. We will never give it up. It’s part of the kids’ inheritance. They will probably fight over it. Two years ago, we drove that 6-speed machine from Michigan to the Grand Canyon, toured the southwest and had the time of our life. We are also honored to own a 2002 Thunderbird. It’s a magnificent vehicle. We will never give it up. It’s part of the kids’ inheritance. They will probably fight over it. We plan to drive the T-bird on a tour of America’s northwest and, among other things, visit our son and his family who live in Washington State. We have owned lots of great (and some not so great) cars over the last 40 plus years. As far as we are concerned, the Vette and the Bird are two of the best vehicles we ever owned. They are the source of great pride of ownership; we love to tour in them and we love to show them off. There is no fair way to compare these two cars. Anyone who tries to do that is simply terribly uninformed, prejudiced or has some undisclosed agenda. CR, as I said, is irrelevant. I simply do not trust that publication’s judgment any more.
For many folks, I guess what CR does with car comparisons is relevant. Those folks treat cars the same way as they treat TVs or toasters. They are items to be used as a means to an end.

For those of us who love cars, these comparisons are truly irrelevant. For most of us, cars are not a tool but an important way of life. What we have with our cars is much more of an emotional relationship rather than an objective owner/tool relationship. How else can you explain people who are "Ford People" or "Chevy People"???

Many of us grew up loving and wanting all kinds of cars. I guess that most of the folks who own the new T-Bird are baby boomers who have loved the T-Birds of old and who want to be part of this new T-Bird generation. I know that's the way I feel about my Mustang convertible and why I pine for a new T-Bird.

I hope you all enjoy your cars - no mater what CR says - and that I'll have as much fun with my new T-Bird when the kids get out of college in a couple of years and a 2007 or 2008 moves into the garage with the Mustang!
A few years ago I remember hearing about a report which found that CR had a unfair bias toward Japanese cars. Haven't trusted a word they say since.
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