July 13th Napa Cruise

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Thanks to the tip from Dennis Grant, I contacted George Waters, president of the Norcal VTCA, about the possibility of joining that club's Napa winery cruise on July 13th. He was very encouraging about having my blue bird as part of the entourage. There will be at least a couple other '02s participating that day.

The itinerary includes some of the same activities howlee and I had planned for our Napa cruise. They will be driving along the Silverado Trail and stopping for wine-tasting at select vineyards. In addition, they have a sumptuous lunch planned at the Silverado Country Club, a visit to the California geyser and other options. This isn't an official California Cruise since the VTCA is sponsoring the event, but anyone who cares to meet for a show and tell with a bunch of classic Bird owners ['58-'66] will find the details on the event registration form.

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Just a reminder that July 1st is the deadline for registratin for the Norcal VTCA cruise. Follow the link in the previous post for the registration form.
sorry I wont be able to make it. we have a lot to do this month getting ready to leave for the three weeks in August.
I still need to buy some bags for the two of us that will carry everything and fit in the trunk. Had a dozen bricks in there today coming back from the hardware store, but its not the weight. later John
Sorry, Bernie. It sounds like fun.We are tied up pretty much full time this summer. From late August on through to December, we will be coming up to Oakland for the Raider games. Perhaps we could meet then?

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Dot reminded me that I hadn't posted a report for the July 13th cruise, so here's a quick summary.

We met with the Norcal club at the Taittinger Domain Carneros winery for a morning tour of the bottling works. There were about 8 T-birds, including my blue and a red '02. The others were carefully restored late 50's and 60's models belonging to club members. It was interesting to me to see the details of the vintage cars and there was corresponding interest from the group in the new bird design. They seemed to be real Ford enthusiasts.

We enjoyed sampling several champagnes at Domaine Carneros. Be sure to try the brut rose if you ever visit. It's a limited edition and not available for general distribution. Afterward we had a splendid lunch at the Silverado Country Club and continued on to the William Hill winery for more tasting. The drive concluded with a stop at the California Geyser, an unusual natural history attraction. It was a spectacular day in the wine country, no fog and pleasant top-down temperatures. I'll try to post some pictures in the newtbirddata album when I get them back.

All in all, it was a great time. I think the focus of this group is primarily on car restoration and birds of an earlier era, so those who are looking may have to wait for a club dedicated to the newer models.
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