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Well, all of the great things that we said about our TBirds on the J.D. Power Initial Quality surveys that many of us received has paid off. It was ranked #1 in the Entry Luxury Car class. Not the class I would put it in, but no one seems to know where to put it. But we all know they are in a class by themselves. And it bested the Acura TL and Lexus ES 300, a very admirable accomplishment. Just one more award/accolade that we know is well deserved. I just wish Ford would do a little more to recognize and promote these achievements.


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someone - somewhere at Ford is keeping track but we'll probably never see it.
I've started a list on my trivia page but missing info. I recall that AAA had an award for the 'bird and it was on some topic this winter but don't know which one - probably buried under another subject. Does anyone remember what AAA gave the 'bird?
Is that alcoholics anonymus?
Survey says that the 25000 who shelled out $38000 + can't all be wrong!
Those who are envious will surely have comments, who cares!
could be but that extra A will throw you. It stands for American Automobile Association in this context.
guess I better find that JD Power's survey - Do they list a website?
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