It's Official! It's Summertime!

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It's now officially summer! Take off that hardtop and take your bird out for a ride.

Blue/Blue Premium
Full Interior Accent
Production #3944 VIN#103847
" Gotta Love It "
TX Lic# " BLUBRD "

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While it may be a good idea to take the top off in Bedford, in Phoenix this is the time of year we have the top on...

It's 115 won't be off again until either we go up north, or October...which ever comes first!
Same here in Florida! It's now "rainy" season here...been raining for the past 12 days straight now. The bird will stay in her nest for quite a while 'til the nice weather comes back.


Y'all need to quit hording that rain!! We've not had anything siginficant for months, and it is dryyyyyyyyy. I'm sure the folks in California and Arizona would like it too, to put out those fires.

One of the belts on my Dixon mower began to disintegrate yesterday when I was mowing (first time in 2 weeks), and there is not a dealer here in town. I now have to make the choice as to whether to take Amadeus or his cousin, BC, the '56, on a topless cruise to Goldsboro tomorrow morning to pick up the replacement belt. Either way will be a fun Thunderbird cruise!
don't you just hate having to come up with excuses to drive your bird?
This is my first convertable, but an old family friend told me that here in Wisconsin there are really only two great converable months: June and September. I plan on streching this a bit.

Black/Black/Black Acc. Prem.
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