Its HERE!!!!!!

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My dealer called today to give me the good news!! The bird was built on 1-18-02 (thanks to redbirds info) and it arrived today at the dealership. Will start today getting all the paperwork and money and hope to bring her home on thursday. This car is a gift for my wife(she has no idea) I hope she is as excited to get as I am. LET THE STORIES BEGIN!!!

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cb --

This is the first story I've heard about someone buying a T-Bird as a gift. What a wonderful surprise for your wife!!! I'd love to read about her reaction, so please be sure to post all the details here immediately!

-- Paula
Sorry pb that I am late in writing about the gift to my wife. I brought the tbird to her office along with a white rose ( we have a white bird) and as we walked to the parking lot she noticed the car. When we got closer she noticed the sold sticker I left on the dash with our last name on it. At that point I gave her the keys . She cried, I cried, she was absolutely stunned. We went for a short ride and she loves the car (and ME).It has been raining here for the last couple of days so the car has been in the garage. The weather is better today so we will be out all day enjoying our new addition.
Great news! I'll bet that her expression rivaled that of the folks they show on television when the sweepstakes prize patrol shows up at the door. Her surprise, though, REALLY happened!
Well CTbird , you did it, something most of us wish could happen in our life. Given the gift of our life time(other than love)A Thunderbird. Sounds like this might be taken to "Let the stories begin" thread. Great CT, you did great.
What color is yours and how long have you had it? Where did you buy yours. I have never seen one in the massapequa area. I hope you are enjoying your car as much as we are!!!
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