It's here!!

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I just got a call from my dealer (75 miles away) that my triple black #15963 has arrived. I'll be picking it up tomorrow afternoon. I hope I can sleep tonight.

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Congrats, you'll never hear any sauernotes from your new Blackbird only sweet burbling from those chrome exhausts. ENJOY.

Jim Williams
red/red/std blk premium #2 of 2 VIN 1FAHP60A62Y111592
Mass. tag JWBIRD
Hi Sauernote:

Congratulations on your new Thunderbird. Did you pick it up today? I sent you an email on where to order the bra.

Talk to you soon.

Picked it up today and drove it home (about 100 miles). GRRRRRRRREAT!!! After I've come down a bit, I will order the front end cover. Thanks for all your help.
Let the Stories begin. Many Happy Miles and Smiles

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