Is Wixom Working Today?

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New Blackbird

My car was due to be built the week of 1/28 and I know Wixom was closed yesterday due to the snow storm in Detroit. Just curious if anyone knows if they are working today.

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I work afternoons but I would guess that the plant is working today. The weather last night was not as sever as they thought it was going to be
I notice the VIN on the above post is not too distant from my blue car for which I just recently received a VIN. My number is #111874. Pooh, or anyone at Wixom, any info on this one starting down the line?
Thank you.


Thank you very much, it was really nice of you to lookout for bird.

I hope she make it through the line ok!
Redbird How about keeping an eye out for my red bird 111592 I sure would appreciate a heads up if you see it. Thanks for your attention to this board. Jim W.

As of yesterday, my blue #111538 is in locked status according to my dealer. I have a call in to Dave Davis for a tour. Would like to see my car on the line if possible. Is this realistic? Any info you have would be appreciated!

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I went on the tour, hoping to see my bird. I thought I had timed it pretty well using the estimated build week and some knowledge from JodRod's database.

I was close. The day I was there my car was in the holding room between paint and the final line. In that place we couldn't see it.

However, the tour was really good, I am glad I went. I have my bird now and am really enjoying it.

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WixomPooh or Redbird,
It sure would be nice to know if you see vin 111265 going down assembly line the week of 02/11. Whisper White/full red interior. I hope it will headed to s.c. before long.

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thanks, wwtbird2
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