Is it this easy to transfer title in all states

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Gave a family member my 00 Silverado.

I signed title, filled in there name,
information, signed. Wrote a check for
fee amount. Yon don't have to notarize, or
have any ID on who you are. No problem in
my case.

But if someone got a hold of your title
they could do the same sign your name put
there name down, sign it, pay the fee.

Seems like Texas needs to require more
proof of parties involved.

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That is why keep your title in a safe place.

I bought a MGB from a guy who was the rebuilder but never retitled it. He gave me the signed title from the guy he had bought it from and the two bills of sales. WHAT A MESS it took me two years to get that title issued. MN registered the car in my name right away but would give me a title. After a long run around, had to have the original owner sign some document of the states. Mr original owner was not happy about the whole thing.

I guess what I'm saying, only buy cars from people who have the title in their name already. This was all legit but I can see why the state didn't like it.
California does not require any of the documents to be notarized. Pretty much as you described the process in Texas. AAA will handle most transfers of title (they don't do out of state transfers anymore).
Arizona requires the document be notarized. All they are looking for in California is that each space have the appropriate information in it. In my opinion private party sales are hassle enough without having to have the documents notaarized.
Georgia either - no notary needed, in most cases, not even a bill of sale. THey use a book that assigns values to the cars and base the tax on that rating, not the price paid.
Since was a gift didn't declare any value
on the truck. Just paid fee for issue of
title and transfer current registration.

There was a space for placement of a value
which is done by the applicant. The clerks
just collect the fees.
I agree with you Greyfox. In California it is enough of a hassle just standing in line at the DMV to make it worthwhile to be a AAA member, so they can handle the transaction!
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