Interior Accent Colored floor mats

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At our Atlanta get together TBird Tim had his red floor mats with the TBird logo in his car. They match the red color accents in his car and look really sharp.

TBirdTim, my email is not working properly and I am not receiving email. I wonder if you wouldn't mind posting the necessary info( phone #, Names, price) so I and other can order these floor mats. Thanks

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: 10 of 18

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I ordered mine through Blue Ribbon Motoring Company. You can also find them online at

They would have to custom-make mats to match your blue color and you would probably have to send them something that is the same color as your interior blue color, so that they could match it with the carpet for the mats. They do currently have the "bright red" color to match those with the red interiors.

Probably the best way to get someone started working on your "blue mats" or for anyone wanting "yellow mats", is to contact Shane at Blue Ribbon Motoring at 1-800-874-8888. Their office hours are 7am-6pm PST, M-F. They have an offsite person that custom-makes their floor mats. You can then let him know also if you want the logo and/or the Thunderbird lettering. The cost for mine was about $125.00. I hope that this helps.
Thanks, TBirdTim.

I just called them. They cannot do the blue. Not in stock and too small a market. The red, whit, and black are standard in=stock colors. Anyone else have any ideas for us blue and yellow people??

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: 10 of 18
The ones with the aqua bird from Ford look good to me in my yellow car. With the aqua color all over the car already.

With a full accent. I think I have enough yellow in the cockpit already.

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I did some research and the my red mats were custom-made through another company. I'm not sure if they will work directly with the public, but try contacting them by their e-mail address and maybe they will be willing to make the mats in blue for you.

Their e-mail address is: designermat@*********

Maybe this will be a source for you. It's worth a try anyway.

Just a thought here. In my one mailing from the Ford package (my 2 of 5)I got a little bag of paint chips in mine, along with the little book and ID plaque. Maybe that would help getting the color straight for the mats.
My 2 cents - I wouldn't want to try to keep yellow floormats clean in a convertible!

Does anyone else think the standard Ford mats are way too small? I have had excellent results with Cocomats (, and I made up a pattern for them to make me a set. I made the pattern quite a bit bigger than the standard mats, I'm anxious to see how they work out.

Tom M

PS - I have a black car with a red accent interior, I'm getting the black with red dots mats. I just looked at the Cocomat site, they have black with GOLD dots - I wonder how that would look with the yellow interior? I clicked on the black and gold "color sample" on the web site ( and it looks pretty yellow but it's hard to tell. My GUESS is that it would look great. I bet if you ask Jeff at Cocomats he could send you a little sample so you could see. He's a nice guy & very helpful - a little swamped and slow to reply sometimes though....
I ordered the bright red mats for my full-red accent interior because I wanted to have something that would really make the interior stand out during the car shows, special occasions, etc. I also think that it brightens up the interior more than words can describe. The blue or yellow mats would also create the same effect.

If you can imagine, during gatherings of the same car, having the color-matching mats would make yours stand out a little bit more, without doing anything permanent to the car. I don't use the red mats every day. I have stored them and only plan to use them at special times. It's also great because changing the floor mats out feels like changing a rug or carpet in your house and keeps the interior exciting too.
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