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Interested in selling my 2003 white (w/hardtop) with 102,000 miles. Value?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by John Hayman, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. John Hayman

    John Hayman Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Everything on the car is is great shape. Except for the CD which is jammed. I have taken very good care of the car. Interior is black and white. Interested in buyers or value. Thanks.
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  2. Tell prospective owners to put in a LCD system and you'll have bluetooth, backup cam, bluetooth audio and NAVIGATION, along with a CD players, so no biggie on the CD player.
    Just bought a red 2002 (very clean) 50K for $15,000, so I'd say $11-12 ? Curious what others in the know think.
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  3. From my experience it really depends on where you're located. I bought my 2003 with 41,000 miles on it for $14,900 in 2017 and I'm in northeast Washington.
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  4. Bark624

    Bark624 Active Member Gold Donor

    I purchased my '02 with 110,000 miles two years ago for $9,200. Owner was asking $9,800 but got him down because it needed new tires.
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  5. I just purchased a 2005 Anniversary edition with 47,000 miles for 12,800 in Hobe Sound Florida
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  6. Bark624

    Bark624 Active Member Gold Donor

    Btw, tell any prospective buyer not to even bother with the CD changer, it's guaranteed to jam
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  8. VolleyballJIM

    Will you please tell me the name of the unit (or units) you installed to get the system ( back up cam, Navigation, etc.)

    and if you don't mind a price paid for the complete install.
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  9. cdbintexas

    cdbintexas Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Your name on it alone should add $2000 to the value. My 2004 PCH in perfect condition was $6500 with 140,000 miles in 2017 in Dallas. From what I see here a white 2003 from Joe Doe is offered at $10-13k. As a previous airplane owner my feeling say restore it, dont replace it everything you dont like can be fixed.
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  10. I just purchased a white 2003 premium with he same interior and 49,000 miles for $15,500 canadian dollars. it was in immaculate shape. if you do the conversion to ujs dollars. i am in Almonte, Ontario which is just outside Ottawa.
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  11. I just purchased a 2002 with jammed CD. It took all of about 30 seconds to fix. Take another cd and push it into the cd opening. It will slip under the jammed CD and free it. Now my CD player works like new.
  12. Bark624

    Bark624 Active Member Gold Donor

    Trust me, it will jam again. And again. And again....
  13. 1B34F42D-F52C-4C1E-9D69-35913B4AFB94.jpeg FB871DB1-5207-4A56-9658-5CF4FF81C102.jpeg
    My 2002 did the same.. I was able to unjam the disks (all 6) out of the changer by using an old disk to get the first one out.. The then others followed. A couple times I would refeed the disks in and in a few weeks or so, it would jam again.. I now have a double din Pioneer with Nav and Sirius in mine now..I also added the T-Bird logo on the splash page and background.. now if I could only figure out how to make it play the T-bird song from The Beach Boys when I turn on the car/radio.. “ And we’ll have fun fun fun till my daddy takes the T-Bird Away”
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2019
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  14. Steve believe it or not but my CD/Radio quit working on that exact song - "Fun, fun, till Daddy takes her Tbird Away". I was coming back from breakfast one Sunday with top down and it quit at an intersection. LOL

    I got bigger problems than the CD now but I still can't believe it myself that it quit on that "Beach Boys" CD and that song. I don't know why I'm laughing but I sure find it funny;.
  15. Maybe I better leave well enough alone.. Are we coming to the point we are always waiting for the next shoe to drop.. Are we crossing our fingers every time we turn the key? I hope not.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2019
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  16. This song makes me remember back in 1963 a good friend of our family, his
    daughter was going to fast ran off the road and totaled her new 1963 T Bird
    in a creek, so he did not replace the car, so she was car less. She bought that
    record and gave it to her dad. He still did not buy her another for a while.
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