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I thought the "chat room" was available only on Sunday night. Does the new format mean it is open anytime? It was great chatting with some of you guys and gals. You are such an interesting group. Go figure. Just like the new Thunderbird. To all of the 02 owners...Happy Cruising, to the rest of us....our day will come....
Does the new format mean it is open anytime?

The meeting time is just to get people on there all at once. The chatroom has always been open. All it takes is one person to join and wait, then more will come.

We are moving to a new format, the old one was limited on options and is history.
It would help if you would put time/date on any message to join chatroom discussions, ie.

Topic: Chatroom, 4/11. 1pm until 2pm

It will encourage those checking in on the forum between those times to drop in and save those of us checking in later from checking and rechecking. Thanks Duane
I just registered the chatroom for the full version so it can be moderated to keep out trolls etc.
I am in the chatroom right now also the Netstape browser crash error has been corrected.
Not open for further replies.