If Destin is Too Far to Drive, Why Not Fly to Our Thunderbird Destination?

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I had mentioned this earlier in another post, but I do realize that the distance to drive to Destin, Florida may be a bit too much for some of you on this forum. Why not consider flying into the closest airport to Destin, which is in Ft.Walton or the next closest one located in Pensacola? That way you'll get to be a part of the fun planned for this event and you'll get to meet a lot of those that frequent this website and see their new Thunderbird's. Of course, the more Thunderbird's that we have at this event, the more exciting that it will be for everyone involved!

If you love Thunderbird's and you enjoy this forum, think about coming to "Thunderbird Destination", even if you have to fly to get there!!!

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Tim, do you know what airlines service either airport? I will call my travel agent tomorrow but would like to have a clue before I call. Don't want to drive the bird that far but would love to attend your event sounds like a great time.
Tim, you know, I'm flying in on Northwest. Arrival into Ft. Walton Beach and departure out of Pensacola. National car renmtal waived the drop off charge. Flight times fit my schedule.
At one time I heard that Hertz may get some Birds but I have never seen one on any of the lots. Those would probably only be in large metropolitan areas though.

Steve Legel,
Yes, I had forgotten what airlines that you were using.

If anyone here gets any information about other airlines or rate information for flying into Ft. Walton or Pensacola, please post them here for others that might be interested in doing this.
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