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One thing, the soft top is so tight that my bowflex at max is easier to use. Secondly, and more importantly, the hard cover with the top down is horrendous. Even after carefully wedging the plastic lip under the deck, when the snaps are engaged the sides of the cover bow up in an unsightly way. Seems like the gasket under the deck may prevent the cover seating properly, but I'm more into strength for item #1 than finesse for #2. Anyone else have that problem?

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Many have complianed that the top is hard to engage at first, as was mine. Give it a little time and the cloth will relax some and it will no longer be difficult.

There seems to be no easy answer on the boot.
I had the same trouble the first couple of times that I used the soft top, after that... it was perfect every time. The cloth needs to stretch a bit.

There is a metal handle on both sides you can use to pull it down. I'm not sure if it's a factor, but it may work best on a flat surface.

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As far as the boot goes, I've found that keeping it stored flat helps as well as leaving in on the car out in the sun for a few hours helps it stretch into position. It now takes me less than 5 minutes to get the boot attached whenever I put the top down. As everyone else has said, the soft top will give more over time. The first two times putting it up it took two of us to get the front hooks to engage the header, but now I have no problem doing it myself.

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I have only had the soft top up once, and I did have a bit of a problem with the hook on the right side. Getting out of the car allowed me to push down and hook it. Hopefully that will get better with time.

The cover went on fairly easily. I had left it out flat in a warm spot for a day before I did this. The first time I put it on I did not tuck in the sides. Realized it was not right and did it again. It looked flat and smooth.

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When you install the top cover, you are tucking in the sides, aren't you? They are not designed to lay on the body. The easiest way to install is to snap one side in the front, tuck in that side, tuck in the rear, then tuck in the other side and snap the rest. The little tabs help line up the snaps.
Thanks, Redbird et al, I bet tucking in the sides will do the trick. If it ever gets warm again here in CT I will try letting the boot warm up, flatten, and then tuck the sides. Thanks.
Duh. Tucked in sides makes it AOK. Thanks.
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