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Well, everybody, I finally got my Thunderbird two weeks ago. I haven't had much chance to drive it--it only has about 120 miles on it now, I figure I'll put anywhere from 5000-6000 miles on it a year.

I picked it up two weeks ago but have been unable to report in because of computer problems---this, by the way, is my first visit here with my brand new computer--expensive month for me. Let me just say that my car is beautiful--the T-Bird truly is a great looking car. Mine is blue with blue hardtop and partial blue interior.

The car had some initial issues that I was not happy with, 3 in particular--1) The alignment was off 2) the driver's side front fender did not align well with the door and 3)the character line going through the fuel filler door did not align well with the rest of the bodyside character line. Let me just say that my dealer, Hopkins Ford of Jenkintown, was a DREAM to deal with on all three issues. The service manager, along with the body shop manager, addressed each of the issues as if it was their own car. I wasn't happy with the problems, but I am thrilled that each was addressed as well as they were. Note to Wixom: please keep a closer eye on the panel fit issue--I was surprised that my T-Bird was allowed out the door that way.

That said, what else can I say that hasn't been said before? The Thunderbird hets looks everywhere I take it and people go out of their way to talk to me about it. The color, especially, gets noticed by a ton of people, although I must say I almost jumped ship and went with red, which I still think is a great color for this car.

Two things I would like to ask other T-Bird owners at this time---do you ever hear a strange rattle sound coming from what seems to be the dash and then just goes away? Also, the other day when I took the car for a quick ride around the block, the engine started rocking like it was going to stall when I came to a stop sign. Talk about retro! Granted, the car only has very few miles on it and it hadn't been running very long at the time, but this old-time grumpiness from the engine surprised me. It didn't happen again---I just wrote it off as a new engine quirk---but I was curious if anyone else experienced this problem.

P.S. Anyone on this board who lives in the mid-Atlantic region knows what a mild winter we are having. The day I had to pick up my car, it snowed. AND they salted the roads immediately. What to do? Luckily, I have a very good friend who owns a towing business. He and I went to the dealer with a flatebed and towed the 'Bird home and put it right into its nest. I didn't actually drive the car for 3 days after I got it. Talk about looks--everybody watching a new Thunderbird on a flatbed. It wasn't snowing when we finally brought the car home, but the roads were wet and salty. The 'bird was high and dry the whole flight home.

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Welcome back, wpnm. We wondered if you hadn't left your car since leaving the showroom.
Too bad about the defects, but as you say, good to have a reliable service center. My blue had none of the problems you mention. I did notice one paint defect in the rear panel seam the first time I washed it, but hardly worth mentioning. I had a stalling problem very similar to the one you report - but that was on my 24-year-old Firebird. Just had the carburetor overhauled for the first time and now it's running fine. Best of luck with your new prize. I'm sure you have many happy miles ahead!
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