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Just checking things out,
My new '02 Blue Premium TBird should be getting built within the next few weeks and shiiped to Dallas before the end of the month. I can't wait.


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What part of Texas? We're in the DFW area and expect our blue 'bird in about 5 weeks. If interested in current activities in the area, let me know.

Dot, blu/wht/full blu #18/26 - VIN# countdown = 19005! = the New T-bird
I live in Carrollton, will be getting my Bird from Village Ford in Lewisville.
Activities sound fun let me know. Id like to find out whether or not there are any TBird owner my age. (Im 25, not exactly in their average and predicted target market. But this car was sweet, so I had to have one.)

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Do you have a vin# yet for your ordered 'bird?

You just may be the youngest on this board. There is an old topic that the active members actually
stated their ages in so you might want to look for that one. I do know of an owner that is around 29
living in this area - drives a white t'bird which he's had since before Christmas.

as for your costs in this area - finding a dealer that had one at msrp was like finding a needle in a
haystack ( Grapevine and Arlington) - most in the area have wanted 5 to 10K and are still trying to get
it. Two dealers that I know were charging msrp have sold out their allotments already and are taking
orders for 2003s. Best time to try to negotiate with one of the other dealers is at the end of a month but
if you really want a blue one, you may have to search. The dealer closest to us didn't take any
customer orders and as a result didn't order very many blue ones and they're asking over msrp on the
ones that are on their lot - no blues.

There's also a website where you can look up cars available in the surrounding area - I've never really
used it but some on the board have and that may help you find what you're looking for. I think it's on the
Ford website. Someone else may know the exact web address. Several on the board have found
exactly what they're looking for by using it.
I live in Bedford and finally found my blue/blue premium w/full accent at a small dealership in Idaho. Paid $2,600.00 over sticker. Even after having it shipped here in Jan. it was way cheaper than buying from any of the local Ford scalpers er a dealers. Don Davis Ford in Arlington ring a bell for anyone?

Blue/Blue Premium
Full Interior Accent
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" Gotta Love It "
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