How many 02-05 1st owners here?

My desert sky blue 2003 is dream car 1 of 147 made. It has 28,000 miles and has spent it's pampered life in my Florida air conditioned garage. Driven to maintain but is a third car
Soon to down size and might not take it with me.
Bought new and had hardtop only on for maiden trip from NY dealer. Love the car drives like a dream.
Mine is the first 2002 delivered by Crossroads Ford in Raleigh NC. For the first couple of months I had a caravan following me everywhere I went. These were in such short supply that many were seeing then for the first time,
I bought my Desert Sky Blue 2003 Premium w/Hardtop, Black Accent Interior - Brand New, has 9,000 miles on the Speedo
Original owner, and purchased in August of 2002. 26K miles, and still on the original tires
Original owner, and purchased in August of 2002. 26K miles, and still on the original tires
Couldn’t drive on them any longer!

Finally replaced the original tires at 26,870 miles.

Installed Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 235 / 50 R17 tires from Discount Tire.

Drives and feels like a new car!!!
Bought mine in May of 2002. Almost embarrassed to say it still has less than 8K miles on it. Need to enjoy it more. A few subtle modifications, especially fond of 80-spoke Kelsey wheels I was fortunate enough get several years ago. Still on original tires too, so I won't be going far without new rubber.
I wanted a TBird since I was a kid. When the 2002s came out, I struggled because I didn't feel I could afford it. The day the Columbia Shuttle when down, Feb 1 2003, I got out of a sick bed and bought my VBird. Brand new beautiful 2002 Inspiration Yellow- The car gets more action than I do :) Best road trips ever Zoom Zoom!! VBird is due for her 200K maintenance next week. Cost me a little dough last year but not sure if I can ever part with her.
Blue 2002...113,000+ miles. I'm retired now but used it for commuting. Always parked outside in Florida weather (unfortunately). I keep a good coat of wax on it. Still looks great on the outside but it needs some minor TLC inside. Been a great car...very little problems.
How many can say this. We won our 2005 Steel Blue in a contest through BP. Still looks great in my garage.
I'm an original owner of a 2003, 10,500 miles only goes to car shows, parades.
Purchased my Steel Blue 2005 new and still drive her every week. 59,000 miles and still going.