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Was just told my order was pulled for production this week. No VIN assigned yet per salesman (?). How long will it take to finally get my car? Premium, white with black interior. Never received the collectables, but salesman said he was sure they paid for them. What does everybody think?

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Does anyone else want to take this? Tleslie ,Between this site and the Bond site I've been around sence Aug.2001. This is the advice I can give you. You need to know where you are on your dealers list, 1 of 6 or 15 of 30.Wherever it falls under. Then you need a Vin# to be able to track it. You can go to jodrod's site on yahoo to do this. As for the Thunderbird Collection you may fall under the third group which will get their first mailing when the rest of us are getting our second or third mailing, sometime in April or May but you will get all of them in time.
I'm sure someone else on here can add something to this. Hope it helps.

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Got Vin. 109293 Build Date 01/14


Once you get a build date, the average is 21 days from build to delivery. Assuming you get a VIN in two weeks and another week to go into build, that would put your delivery date around the last week in Feb. Keep in mind, this is just a swag.
thanks Jodrod and gobird. I have been watching all the sites since 1/01 and appreciate the input. This is the first new car I have ever ordered. FYI the salesman didnt even know you could get a Wixom tour..will post a vin when available.

I don't think any of the salesmen know about taking a tour of the Wixom plant. We have Birdbrain from this forum to thank for that wonderful detail. He's the one who put us in touch with Dave Davis at the plant who gives the tours.

My salesman was completely blown away when I told him that I was going to Wixom to possibly see my car come off the line (I won''s already shipped). I'm also getting to meet Mickey D'Armi this Friday. He's meeting me at the plant and according to Dave Davis probably going to be giving me the tour personally. Mr. D'Armi has personally been of tremendous help to me providing me all the brochures and getting me hooked up with the Thunderbird Collection.

I've also been two steps ahead of my salesman with production info, so he now relies on me to tell him what's going on. This forum is such a wealth of info, and I'm sure has helped us all keep our sanity through the wait!

Good luck!



What color is your top and is the interior full, partial, accent or standard and do you know your postion in your dealers allocation and their total allocation (# of #)?

Depends on when it goes into production, we will have to wait and see what your build date is. 110357 has a build date of 1/28/02 which would make delivery around the 3rd week in Feb. At a rate of 100/day your build week should be the same.


I placed my order in January 2001 just after the Detroit auto show (went to the source to pick the color I wanted).

I am still waiting 7641 scheduled production week Jan 21 (2002!).

Maybe they ran out of metric speedos or some other Canadian part and are delaying those units or the maybe the Canadian units are scheduled differently. I am seeing some older 6 & 7000 units going down the line this week. I'll keep watching for yours.
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