Hope restored in the form of a VIN

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Ford missed my birthday by 2 weeks but.... I finally got my VIN on Friday (!!!), and no, it's not 24,998 (sorry Dot!)

I put our initial deposit down on the car March 12, 2001. We won't receive it by the one year anniversary but I'm hoping it will be here by mid-May for my dad's 83rd birthday. Some of you may remember from my original posts on BON that Dad had a '55 while I was young. He sold it when all 5 of his kids were of driving age so they wouldn't fight over it. So I've really lusted after this 'bird. There is nothing reasonable - sensible - logical about my desire for this car.

The VIN is 1FAHP60A32Y113252. It will be a blue over blue premium with a partial blue interior. Ordered from Noller Ford in Topeka KS and will be their #4 out of 10.

Remember I posted a few weeks back that my salesman said the regional rep said Ford wanted all their dealers to be at 40% allocation by Valentine's Day? Much happier would I be if the T-bird were actually here, but I'll take the VIN! This gives me a couple of months to sock the paychecks from the new job away in the bank! But now I have to get serious about the car accessories instead of so much memorabilia! I finally NEED the floor mats and the car bra.

All I can say now is "yippee-doodle!!!" Yeah, I'm grinning from ear-to-ear. Imagine how obnoxious I'll be when the car arrives!

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Kristi, obnoxious is good when it's excitement over your new car! Be prepared for the wait to get harder not easier as the due date approaches, however.
Nice feeling to see some progress, isn't it? You must be living right: I put my deposit down in Nov. of '99, and just got my VIN a few weeks ago. I hear you on the irrational thing.

Back to an earlier topic.... are you going to name your car?
Time will go fast now that you have something to work with. Glad to hear you have the Vin. keep smiling and looking to the future.

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yes, niteflight, I'm going to name her but that will be as irrational as my desire! I'm trying to wait until I drive her to see the personality. (Yes, an inanimate object can have a personality.) HOWEVER all this talk of naming cars has me thinking about it over the last few weeks. Right now I'm leaning toward Bella; simple, descriptive, rolls off the tongue well although incorrect lineage. After being behind the wheel she may turn into a Butch, Uta, Jezabel, or some sort of fruit.
well... as long as you don't go bananas on us during the next few weeks! Congrats on finally getting your VIN. My dealership just got to 40% VIN#s this past week but delivery is another story.
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