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I cannot find a class 1-2 hitch for the new Thunderbird yet. Has anyone searched it out?

I would love to pull a small trailer on the Route 66 run. My thoughts are one of the old Coca Cola Isle cases (same red as mama's car), an old Bumper Car looking trailer (from the amusement park ride) or a fiberglass copy of the removeable Hard Top on a small platform (with porthole windows to look like you are towing another top). I've seen the coke case and bumper car trailers for sale on ebay etc. but have yet to see a listing for a hitch. I would not want to cut through the bumper facia for the tow bar.

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If there is enough interest perhaps we could get a trailer manufacturer such as Time Out to do a special edition T-Bird trailer. With all the comments on the trunk size I think there will be considerable interest if the hitch problem is solved.
I am all for a small trailer. Removing the spare maybe ok for local drives, but not the Mother Road.

I will bring my Bird to a local hitch place to see if they can fit it and also ask the local Ford shop if they can assist.

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I ride a motorcycle, (Gold Wing) and I,as do many of my comrads, have a trailer that I pull with it. It's made my California Sidecar and is considered the top of the line. It's made to match the bike and pulls perfectly. If it was black I'd have no problem pulling it behind my Bird. Perhaps they can come up with a good design, or the people that make the trailer for the Chrysler Prowler. I'll post a pic of the bike & trailer at http://photos.groups.*********/group/newtbirddata/lst It'll be under New Rides, David A
One thing to keep in mind is the Bird has 17" wheels and at 70 mph a 8" wheel will be doing 115 mph and a 12" wheel will be doing 100 mph so a larger wheel size would be desirable for the extended interstate runs.
O'Reilly Auto Parts uses Valley Hitches for their supplier-and guess what-they have a class 2 hitch for the 02 Birds coming in January.

Email me and I'll get the info for you-cost for the hitch is expected to be $99.00 with a custom wiring harness that terminates in a Flat four plug.

Remember, folks-I'm a manager for a parts store-if there is anything you are looking for, contact me-I have a catalog of over 750,000 parts available to me.


The trailer I show on the picture page uses 12 inch wheels and tires. I have pulled it at 90 mph behind the bike and I never know it was there. That's why it is considered the best one on the market. I totally agree with Jodrod ... 8 inch wheels and tires are definately not the way to go.

I really don't want a trailer behind the Bird either, but on a 3 to 4 week road trip it will be a must, since we intend to camp at some of the national parks. There is no way to get all that stuff in the Bird. So if I have to have a trailer, something like what is shown on the website I posted would look decent, especially in black and chrome to match my car.
Any one find a trailor hitch for are birds. Need a hitch that will take 2000 LB. Head to the lake every weekend with two waverunners, gas cans & trailor.

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I have talked with Valley Hitches-no hitch manufacturer is planning on building hitches for the new Thunderbird, mainly because of the chassis design.

Something else to think about is the cooling ability of the Thunderbird-can it handle the load of pulling a trailer-even one that weighs as little as 300-400 lbs?

I posed that question to Nancy Gioia-and the answer came back that the car is not designed to tow a trailer-and that doing so may void your warranty.

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I would suggest to Ford that they delete the several pages of instructions on trailer towing from the owners manual, if they don't want us to tow light trailers. They say up to 100 lbs. tounge weight and 1,000 lbs. trailer/cargo weight.

Perhaps if someone is serious about trailer towing, they should wait until 2003 (assuming the new models get an electric fan).
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