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Just wondering if anyone out there has gotten a Vin# as high as mine. It's 9293. I am 7 of 12 on the list of my dealer and they haven't got their Vin's for their 4,5,and 6th car yet. This seems a little strange to me. Haven't heard of this happining before to anyone on this site or on Bon.

Blue on Blue Prem. STILL WAITING Ordered in Jan. 7of12
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Got Vin. 109293

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My guess is that your order had a higher priority code than cars 4, 5 and 6. I think that's what happened with mine. I'm #4 of 8 and #3 has a higher VIN than mine by 256 cars. Both are the same color though.

I got my Vin # today #9468 the 800 number could not give me a build or delivery date.
#2 of 9. Deposit placed 6/1/99 at MSRP. Dealer placed order into Ford 3/15/01
Black/Black Prem. std. int.
I got my vin number today from my dealer
#9468. Called the 800 number and they could not give me the build or delivery date.
I placed my deposit on 6/1/99 at MSRP #2of9.
Owner of dealership got #1. Dealer placed order into Ford on 3/15/01.
Black/Black Prem. std. int.
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