Hi Everybody

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Hello to all.

This is "waitingpatiently" from the old message boards and then "waitingpatientlynomore" on this one. I decided to change my name to reflect my license plate. Apologies to the webmaster if I did something wrong by doing this.

I haven't been around in a long time---work has me extremely busy and I don't even get to use the 'Bird nearly as much as I'd like to. Just wanted to say "hi" and I'm going to try to contribute more.
Welcome back, waiting, notwaiting what ever your names, glad to have you back.

I'm still waiting, ETA 7/15/2002

glad to have you back.

neiman vin#00035
delivered October 4, 2001
02 TBRD, just want you to know that I got a lot of support from "waitingpatiently" when I was just starting my wait on BON. Although it took a long time, I have my bird now and it was worth the wait. Glad to have you back with us.

Welcome back. We figured you were in the witness protection program hiding out from Gary Whitaker
. All is clear now. I think GW found out that he really wasn't the center of the universe and imploded. Such is our loss. We must go on without someone to point out the skidpad shortcomings of our Birds. Let's here more from you.

Courage - and shuffle the cards
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