Here's an M3

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Oh is an M3. Some of the lines are hard to make out...they are a bit wrinkled. Probably because of the poor skid pad and slalom handling characteristics of the M3.
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You are absolutely right, GoBird. Maybe it wasn't the slalom and skid pad that should be blamed.

On second thought, it was probably the M3's
braking and rollover tendencies that were at fault.
cynical...I like it...but I hope knowbody was injured..that car looks like somebody died in it. Drove a tow truck for a summer and would hate to have come up on that one.
Ok-so maybe the line should be-

"333 Passionately engineered horsepower-so you too can do this stunt."

Or how about-

"The newest form of M car expiration."

Sorry-the gallows humor of a 72 hour straight shift in the ER is starting to make it's appearance.

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Oh WOW!!! Now I know what all the excitement is about. Who wouldn't want one of these sitting in their garage?

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