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The chrome J fastener on the driver side of my top had loosened one full turn. As a result wind was leaking in where the top met the windshield. I tightened the the latch and my problem was gone.

Also did you know you could close your top with center latch in the closed position. When your top is back in position just open the latch and then relatch it.

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I have a small wind leak (on the passenger side in my case) that is noticeable only at high speed (70 mph or so). I know exactly what you mean by the chrome J fastener, but how exactly did you tighten it? I took a quick look at my T-bird and how you tighten this rascal is not obvious to me. Any help appreciated.

I too discovered the closing-the-top-with-the-latch-closed capability. Very convenient, indeed, as I sometimes close the latch with the top open and I'm putting the semi-hard boot on.
I just turned it like you would a bolt or a screw. Yours may be seated all the way already. In that event you would need to take the car in to have the top readjusted.
Yeah, I guess mine is seated all the way. The leak I have is very minor and you can hear it only at high speeds. I'm not worried about it... will ask the dealer to take a look next time I'm there. Appreciate the help!
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