Have You Seen Those Thunderbird Billboards?

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Here in Atlanta, along I-75, between I-285 and I-575, on the north side of town, I have noticed 2 Thunderbird billboards in the past week. One of the billboards has a blue Thunderbird and the other one has a red Thunderbird, promoting Motor Trends Car of the Year Award. Has anyone else noticed the billboards anywhere?

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Nothing in SW Michigan yet. Haven't been to the east side since last fall. If they appear, that's the more likely location for the first ones.

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You are correct "Birdbrain"
For those of us who live on the east side of the state you can see the billboard while driving north on I-75 just north of Detroit.
I was in MI last week and noticed one of them I think on I-275 heading East from the Wixom plant. It may have been on I-96, I'm not quite sure, but it is there in the Detroit area.
Here in South Florida the Thunderbird Blue billboards have been up since last December, and I just noticed the Torch Red yesterday for the first time. I guess as spring starts to emerge so will the billboards in other parts of the country.

Happy cruising!

On my commute in downtown LA, there was a blue Thunderbird billboard visible along 5 south, near Commerce. I'd say it was there about 3 months. That billboard was replaced last week by the one TbirdTim describes promoting the Motor Trend award. I've also seen another blue billboard elsewhere in LA, although I can't remember exactly where it was.
Billboards all over the place here in Canada.

Red & Yellow to date, note the front bumper shows NO LAMPS... And 21 spoke painted wheels, which pictures do they show in the states?
They show the front of the car on the blue Thunderbird. The photo is a low, ground-up shot of the front of the car, taken close-up. The supplemental lamps are shown.

On the red Thunderbird, the photo is further back, showing the front and part of the side of the vehicle. It shows the premium wheels. This is the billboard that displays that it is Motor Trends Car of the Year. The blue Thunderbird billboard just has "Thunderbird" on it.
Right off the 10 Freeway heading into Downtown Los Angeles they had the Blue Bird showing for a few months. In the last month, they replaced it with the Red Bird Motor Trend promotion.

Both billboard are captivating and show a rather racy image from a lower hood shot to a front side angle. Good job.

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Ditto Houston. Blue billboard has been up about 60 days and I noticed the Red one taking its place within the last week. One located across Loop 610 from the Galleria and another just north of Enron - oops!I mean the Ballpark at Union Station.

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I've had a picture of the "blue car" billboard linked on my Ads page since January. It's #10 on the list.

I'd really appreciate a photo or digital of the red billboards people are spotting.

to Erict - If you can get photos of the different billboards in Canada, ie, the red and the yellow, contact me.

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the billboard has hit chicago too, southbound on 294 on the mile long bridge, had the blue bird but i was told they changed it to the red one, i havent been there in a while so i cant say for sure. but i did see the blue one looked GREAT!!!
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