Have you seen the pictures of the Chevy Bel Aire?

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On the Chevrolet site they are showing the new Bel Aire they will be introducing.

It is on the same concept that Ford went with for the T-Bird.

It's a four seater...kinda cute.

There's not too much information on them yet.

Anxious to know more...my Ford man might buy me one!

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saw it at the chicago autoshow, its not that bad looking, but it reminds me way to much of the new bird, than an old bel air.

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GM is struggling, though, to determine which, if any, of the concepts unveiled at last month's Detroit auto show it can afford to put into production. The company showed the V-12 powered Cien, Pontiac Solstice roadster and Chevrolet Bel Air.

Vice Chairman Robert Lutz said the bottom line is money, and "at this point there are no production plans for any of them."
Well, I can wait. I wasn't sure I liked what I saw. I couldn't see it well enough and I didn't like what I saw as much as the T-Bird.

I'm not ready as we just got the bird in October.

I think I like something more sporty anyways.

My husband just seemed to like it but I think he's feeling guilty because the bird is "his"!

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February issue of Motor Trend magazine has a couple pictures of red Bel Aire and a one page article.

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Personally I liked the SSR much better.

Tom M
The March issue of Automobile has a picture of the Bel Air, and calls it a "snub-nosed, lumpy, loser interpretation of a 1950's Chevy....looks like something a Korean car company might conceive."

The same issue of Automobiule has a feature on the coming (2003, probably) Chrysler Crossfire. That is the only car I've seen in the last few years that appeals to me as much as the tbird. (But it isn't a convertible!)
Tom...gotta agree with you on the SSR.But then again it is a confirmed 2003 model.

txktom...the Chrysler site is listing the CrossFire as being available in 2003 as a 2004 model.

As to the new Bel Air....it is not ugly but certainly nothing to rave about.The way Chevy hyped this car was as a retro design harkening to it's namesake.I certainly see very little if any retro in it's appearance.It is just another convertible.

Well, that does it. If ya'll don't like it
and wouldn't be jealous of me then I don't want it! LOL

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