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Well folks I picked my yellow/yellow with full yellow accents last night. VIN 1FAHP60A02Y105402, built 11-06-01 delivered 11-27-01. The dealer laughted when I told him I wanted totake the hard top off before I signed the papers. But I stood my ground and he found a couple of hands to help. The soft top was damp so we dried itand I put it up to dry out the well when I got home.
(only 2000 over MSRP plus taxes tags and ESP)
Mine is only the second one to arrive of their 17 aloted. I drove close to 70 miles last night just didn't want to get out of her. I've never driven a car like this.

Stoped for dinner on the way back from the dealer and five people came over and just started asking all kinds of questions...I love attention.

See you on the highway,



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Congratulations Richard. Sounds like your car is a duplicate to mine and Paula's. I know you are going to thoroughly enjoy your new ride. Get used to the attention because it won't stop anytime soon.

Yellow/Yellow Prem. 02 Bird
Had the hardtop off yesterday and drove and ccarried my Boss to three meetings. I thnk he just wanted to ride in the Bird with the top down. Asked him if he'd like to drive it and he said, "No, I like the idea of having a driver". Haha, Wait till I make him fill the tank tomorrow.
I took delivery of #5808 at Galpin Ford in the LA area on Thursday night. Excellent dealership experience! I opted for LoJack and the 7year/75K extended warranty. Best price I could get on the warranty was $1.6K. I would be surprised if a car this complex doesn't require over $1.6K in repairs after the original warranty expires. But I hope not. Even a tiny repair can be pretty expensive on today's cars. Other than a struggle to get the boot installed, I've had a flawless experience in my first 100 miles. I even managed to fit $300 worth of Costco shopping into the tiny trunk and passenger's seat area!

Galpin customized one of their stock Birds by painting it pink and installing pink and black leather. Someone waltzed into the dealership and fell in love with it to the tune of $83K! Huh??!!

Speaking of pink cars, here's a shot of one of the Wixom plant's earliest and newest craetions. http://members.*******/ktedsel/wixom-couple.jpg
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