Has anyone replaced their OEM speakers

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So, does anyone happen to know if the '02 & '03 speakers are exactly the same? My speakers "sound" fine, I agree with you Spike, but my speaker cover on the passenger side of the center console got bumped by a knee and broken. Sounds good...looks like crap. I think the only fix might be replacing the speakers. :(


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If you have a handy friend or want to do it yourself, check Crutchfield.com. They have measured radio components in virtually every car and advisors can recommend best head units and speakers for any car. They stand behind products they sell and Crutchfield customers receive lifetime tech support. (No, I don't work for them, nor does anyone I know, but I've been a very satisfied Crutchfield customer for decades.)


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Has anyone replaced the factory subwoofer? If so, please give me some guidance. Thank you
Speaker Recommendations:
Behind Seat and/or Front Door
1- JL Audio C1-525x
2- Kenwood KFC‑C6866S