Hardtop Problems

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Jul 15, 2002
My hardtop is back on the car as of this week. I love the way it looks but am not happy with the rattling of the top, even over the smallest of bumps. Anybody have an idea on how to adjust the levers to tighten the fit. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Check the two screw fastners at each upper corner. Make sure each has seated correctly and is tight. I would guess one isn't seated properly.

I don't have any problems with mine.
You also should consider getting the bolts in the 'x' braces on the suspension tightened. I can't speak for myself, because I'm getting them tightened at first service in 500 miles, but many others have testified about reduction in cowl shaking when they had the bolts tightened to factory specs. Do a topic search to find the messages that deal with it.

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Densbird, you are not alone. My hardtop rattles like mad -- well, I call it a "creaking and groaning," actually -- at speeds below about 30 mph. I haven't taken it in yet, because I haven't reached the point of supreme annoyance, especially since I can't hear the groanin' at higher speeds. I've tightened everything, though, and nothing seems to help.
Make sure the rear latches are in the full lock position. There is a middle position just for alignment

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