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Ford is toying with one for the 'bird but don't think it would fit in the trunk. It's rumored to be available for the 2003 but we still don't have confirmation on that.
Hi, Aaron here, with www.thunderbird-kit.com. I am currently working on a new Top called the "Tonneau Top Folder". It will not only fit in the trunk, it will be smooth, tight and alluring. I think it will be exactly what your looking for. Please check out the web site in a month or two.
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Originally posted by DavidA:
YUCK! That one is too busy -- too many curves and one piece. What we need is a smooth 2 piece one that can fit in the trunk in a downpour.
I too had liked the idea of a 2 piece hard cover. I liked the 62 / 63 covers and found the original Tbird kit too curvey . The new one sounds good.
I thought in this day and age that the two halves could be held together with velcro. Hopefully the seam could be made to look reasonably good. A hinged assembly seems as though it would take up too much space.Where too fairly flat pieces could be fitted with individual padded 'bags' and be easier to fit in the trunk.

I've checked out your site and while I don't care for the design, the product quality looks good. Clean up the hard boot lines and make it fit in the trunk and you've got one being delivered to Ohio
Have you seen the one on the Sports Roadster concept?

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I to would be very interested in a 2 piece tonneau but would also like simpler lines. The 02 Tbird is all about clean lines. I think a tonneau cover that matched these lines would look more like origional equipment as opposed to aftermarket. That is just my preference. I'm not knocking your product, it looks well made and with the right styling would be a definite buy for me.

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Aaron, you should also consider dropping the price by about 1 Grand. Other companies will soon make Tonneau covers that will matc the Sports Roadster concept and they will not be nearly as expensive as yours. I hear that Xenon and possibly Saleen have plans to make a tonneau cover for the 'Birds with a price range between $300-$600.

If you find out anything definite on these other companies making a tonneau please be sure to give us the particulars. I also thought that $1700+ was quite pricey.

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JRElvis, sorry in advance, but boy could we do something with that name and the NUDOS. By the way, welcome to the board.

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JRElvis, when I first got the inspiration for the Tonneau Top at the Motor Trend International trade show in Nov. 2001, I took into consideration that the 2002 Thunderbird was capturing the classic look. Price was not even a question at the time. I wanted to go with a Tonneau Top that accented the classic look (62 roadster) and would accent the great American craftsmanship pride that the Thunderbird has earned itself over the years. I have tooled my own attachment parts so that there will be no drilling required into the car at all. The Thunderbird deserves no less.

I am working on the Tonneau Top folder right now, but I don't think I'm going to accept anything less than the best. It's going to be around the same price.

If I hear of any cheaper Tops, I will surely give you the source!

There is a hard boot pictured in an article in the May 2002 Motor Trend on a SVC (Specialty Vehicle Concepts) Thunderbird. I do not know if it is sold individually or as part of a tuner package. The phone number is listed in MT: 949-722-7100.
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