Happy (Almost) Valentine's Day

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Got my car today (Jodrod, it is VIN # 110661, scheduled for 02-18-02). Actually it got to the dealer on Valentine's Day, as I had been predicting, but too late to go through the make-ready. (I had hoped it would arrive on Valentine's Day so I could return my wife's present

This car is full blue, and truly beautiful. The salesman and the make-ready man kept calling it green, for some reason, I guess because of the interior trim, which is sort of aqua--the exterior is a distinct metallic blue. Until you see this car out and among others, it is difficult to understand how remarkably different it is. On a parking lot, there won't be anything else that you could ever possibly confuse it with.

Now, my likes and dislikes. First, down deep I don't believe any car is worth $40,000.

However, if any car is worth $40,000, then this one definitely is. It is unique, even down to the eccentricities that have always marked truly original cars, like the early Thunderbirds and Corvettes and Bugeye Sprites.

So when I get in the car (I'm not quite 6'0") and my hair rubs on the hard top, no matter how I maneuver the driver's seat--and it doesn't maneuver much, except back and forth--I just chalk that off as an eccentricity. When I look at the sun-visors (which, crumby as they are, are much improved over the ones I saw on the media tour cars, though not nearly as nice as the ones on my '96 Chrysler Sebring convertible), I just call that another eccentricity. There's an annoying wire in the Tbird that hangs down to the rear-view mirror, a wire that I have failed to notice in my Sebring for almost six years, though it must surely be there. Another eccentricity.

And so far as I can see, that's all there is to complain about.

If you are 6'4" or long-torsoed, then the car may be somewhat uncomfortable with the hard top on. And who really, really, down deep gives a hoot about the sunvisors? Or the dongling wire, for that matter?

This is a remarkable car. I'm sure that other issues will emerge. When I first saw the car during the media tour, for example, I wondered about the hardtop scratching the paint, a problem now confirmed by FDCAPTAIN and others--a problem perhaps we should all keep on top of.

But hey, who else has a car like this? Or anything like this?

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