Hagning wires below the front bumper

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Today when I got back from my afternoon drive, I noticed a wire hagning below the front of the bumper driver's side.

I noticed that it was a lamp connector and harness + a plug to some outlet that I could not locate

There is one Identical on the passenger side but that one was pushed back so it had not fallen.

I put a tie-rap on the hagning wire for now.

Any one know why these wires are not connected.

All lamps work including the ones I had them add to the car.

One thing is strange... I was told that in order to have the front bumper lamps added I needed to get a wiring harness ordered.

I wonder if I have not paid for a harness that is in fact already in place.

I guess I will take this up with the dealership when I get it in for service.

Any comments or suggestions?

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There is a short harness that goes from one side to the other that you need to hook up the lights (about $30 American). This will plug into an existing harness.
Had that done a couple weeks ago because somehow mine came without the lights.
Erict: Was told today the wiring harness to the front marker lights is the one that gets replaced. the new harness conects where the old one did. this harness has wires that go to the marker lights & the bumper lights. The old harness has a number of clips on it you can`t get at, so they just leave it. They are the ones that are hanging down.

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This actually makes alot of sense given the position of the lamp connectors I found. And the fact there is a loose harness connector.

I guess solves the mystery.
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