Great Georgia Road Rally- Last Chance for Lodging!

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"The Great Georgia Thunderbird Road Rally", May 4-5

This is just a notice to anyone in Georgia or anywhere else (we have people coming from other States too) that Unicoi Lodge has a FEW (8) more rooms available to the public for May 4. They are no longer being held for our specific group, so they will most likely be gone in a day or two.

If anyone has any questions, please e-mail me at TbirdTim@******* .

Time is running out to be able to stay with the rest of us at the main lodge. Those that wait, will most likely have to stay at another hotel.

I'm taking a chance that we will have the RedBirdDlx by the 4th of May so have made reservations. Joel - I'll feel bad if you don't have your new baby by then. Fingers crossed.

Sounds like a great time is only a month away. Duane
Thanks, RedBirdDlx.
It will be a real bummer if my car shows up on May 6th....come to think of it the 6th is my Birthday.
But, I will be there car or no car.
Look forward to seeing all my Atlanta TBird buddies.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: VIN #16050
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