Great Concert, in more than one way

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The wife and I went to the Paul McCartney concert last night and I must say that this was the VERY BEST concert I have ever been to. For me it was a highly emotional event, having listened to the Beatles and Paul for about 40 years, remembering many of the good times that are associated with the songs he played. Absolutely fantastic 3 hour show.

This may look as if it is way off topic and should be on the "Drop the Top" page but there is a TBird connection. He played a song off of his new CD and on the 40 big screens behind him was a video of a person driving around in a bullit Bird. The tour is called "Driving USA". The T-shirt we bought shows him jumping out of a red 1960 TBird, guitar in hand.

T02 Bird, don't know if you are a Beatles/McCartney fan or not, but he will be doing 2 concerts in Lauderdale shortly. Even if you don't want to go to the concert you should go to the venue and get one of the shirts ($35). BTW, we ordered our tickets online from Ticketmaster the day of the show and got excellent seats. Expect to spend BIG BUCKS if you do.

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We saw McCartney in Dallas last weekend and it was a great show. 36 songs, 21 were Beatle tunes. I really thought everything was overpriced, $250.00 for a ticket, the shirts were expensive, but a program for $30.00? The ticket was worth every penny.

The following statement makes this relevant to this particular forum.

While in Dallas we saw two 2002 Thunderbirds, One Blue around Greenville Avenue and one Black near Monfort.


My wife and son caught his Atlanta show last week (I was out of town on business).
They also enjoyed his show.

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