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I've used a portable GPS receiver connected to a laptop on several road trips. Although not the neatest installation, wires and power supply on the passenger seat, I was able to track my progress using MS Streets software. I found it useful, but most of all fun.

I was disappointed that Ford did not offer some type of navigational option. Can anyone recommend a GPS navigational device that is a little more practical than a laptop?

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charliefed, Yes I think they have something at AAA. I think it is called a ROAD ATLAS, just kidding, I know nothing about these.

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I have a Garman Street Pilot in my Jeep. It's super. I program driving routes and it navigates me to my end point.
The unit costs much, much, less than a factory insalled system. It has a color screen. I've had it 3 yrs and like it very much.
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My Son-In-Law's company will soon be offering a device that attaches to your car and provides location information to any internet connection as well as to PDA's. The device will include telematics information that provides reports on speed, distances between stops, lock-unlock doors, and even vehicle turn off if the car goes outside a certain area (geofencing). This is an ideal device for the teen marketplace. It will have a base cost of about $650 with a monthly monitoring fee. Please e-mail me at for additional updates.
I purchased a Neo Visor with a GPS receiver-using Pocket Streets. I haven't looked close at the 02 yet, but on my 93 I have a perfect spot to mount it-I ended up using a cell phone holder that was adjustable, mounted it to the side of my console, near the dash-it is out of the way, yet clearly visible when I need it.

Standard GPS receivers like the Garmin or Magellan will fit nicely in a cellphone holder-get one of the types that clip to an air vent, or slide into a cupholder. You can find them at Wally World for about 4-5 bucks.

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Ford does offer a GPS it is a Visteon system and if installed in a new car comes with a ford 3 year 36000. It is a dvd based system with moving map. My system was installed in 99 and the newer systems have a call in feature like Onstar. Ford Sold Visteon in the last 24 months but these are still available through your Ford Dealer as far as I am aware.

Visteon is NOT an option for the Thunderbird-I talked with Nancy Gioia today.

Just not enough room for it, she said-anyone willing to part with their 6 disc CD player in order to have the Visteon?

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Thanks to all who offered such great advice. I did a lot of research and decided on Garmin StreetPilot III. I checked several product comparison sites and it routinely came out on top. It lists for over 1K but you can buy it on line at several sites for around 800. I found the best deal at ($757 total).

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My 2 cents worth;

The phlisophy the wife and I use when on vacation or traveling is as follows:
"If you don't care where you're going or what time you get there you are never lost". Some of the most memorable and fun times we've had when traveling is when we see a road that looks interesting -- we take it. We visit the mountains of Ga.-Tenn.-N.C. on a regular basis and we hardly ever take the same route. Same goes for any trip we take. The GPS is a great toy, but our Bird will be used for all pleasure, which means clocks and quickest way are unimportant.

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