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57 bluebird

57 bluebird

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Feb 7, 2002
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I got my car yesterday (Sat 2/16) I was not going to get it until Friday the 22nd I stopped back at the dealer just to ask a few more questions. They told me all the paper work was ok and if I wanted I coud come back in a couple of hours and the car woould be all cleaned up and ready to go. So what do you think I said. It is back with a black top and a full red interior. I have been reading all your comments and stories for the past few weeks and read just about every article I could find. None of that even comes close to actually driving it. What rush!! I had to open both windows because the smile on my face was so big (haha). What an increadible car. I sure enjoyed pulling up next to some Benzes, Lexes, and Beamers at traffic lights and saw their mouths drop open. Guess where I am going today, to my Open Road Thunderbird Club meeting. These guys are going to flip. So thanks for all the valuable tips that helped push me and make the desicion to buy a car this expensive (it cost more then my first house). Now I will drive off into my Mid-Life identity crisis and love every minute of it...

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57 bluebird, You also now have the big
like the rest of us that have our car. Great isn't it!!

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You bet, I went to a few Dunkin Donuts and
7-11's Just so when I came out I could find a group of people looking at it. Now I'll be up all night I drank so much coffee but it was worth it. And the Thunderbird club members did just what I thought. They were all over the car, they gave it a high approval and they loved it. I let one member drive it because he was thinking of buying one. Now I know he will buy one.
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