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I picked up my new blue bird yesterday. Had a two hour drive to get it, but loved the drive back. Many looks and a few smiles and waves.
This car is unbelievable!!

One question? I've heard roomers that you should not "floor it" or "open it up" on a new vehicle until you have 500 miles or so on it. Is this true?

My Thoughts:
I have been reading this board for three months now and seen some crazy posts. Things about wind noise and wind baffles. What the.... The car IS a convertible, wind noise comes with it. They go hand in hand. It's like getting married. You get a wife you get inlaws. It's a package deal, you either like it or you don't but you deal with it. Turn up the radio!! this sound system ROCKS!!! and if you don't like loud music, then step on the gas. The sound of this engine is SWEEEEEET!!

And rain... Take out in the rain. It's OK. Remember it's just a car. Water will not hurt it. You use the same stuff to wash it and the car come fully equiped with WIPERS. There is hard and soft top for a reason. To keep YOU dry.

It's great to take special care of this car but it shouldn't be taken so serioulsy that it is rarely driven. Drive this car as much as possible. You cannot enjoy it and show it off if it sits in the Garage all the time. I don't know about about anyone else but I know I would never put $40,000 in a box in my garage and look at on sunny summer days only.

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Congrats, Jgaff! I don't know the answer to the rapid acceleration question, but do know that once you do it, you are in for a surprise. Passing on the highway is an eye-pening (and steering wheel-holding-on-to) experience. You'll be jumping to warp speed in nothing flat!
There has been discussion on this board about "break-in" so you may want to do a search. As for me, I kept it under 3500RPM for the first 500 miles, then gradually increased speeds for the next 500. After 1500 miles, I started to go wild--just kidding.
I couldn't agree more about driving our Birds. I plan to give it to my grandsons (let them fight over it) in 20 to 30 years from now. It will need to be restored anyway so enjoy it now. Hate to get it dirty so try not to drive it when it rains.
Go wild is right. I know I will, it's built this way for a reason. If not they would of put a 4 banger in there instead.

Cool book though, huh?
J Gaffney, Congrats on the car, and the way you are going to drive it all the time. I do suggest you stay away from the tailgate parties on snowy days, especially after the Vikings upset you this year. Enjoy your car, it will get more smiles than the Packers.
We may not make the playoffs but Terry Glenn will be your worst nightmare. Farve is the best, to bad he has no one to throw the ball to. And for us in the North division, whats the point of making the Playoffs. St Louis will take care of any of us. And I had the honor of watching Kurt Warner play for the Iowa Barnstormers when nobody knew who he was. Enjoy you car,the packers will disappoint you just like the Vikings have me, but we will pull off a few upsets.
Glenn- the jury is still out this guy. If he can stay on the field for a full year and Favre is riffling him bullets it could be dangerouse for the rest of the league.

I don't know about the queens upsets. It'll be tough without Green and the hot headed Moss on the field causing trouble.

Maybe I'll take my bird up to the dome and see if GB can pull one out in that place, it's never easy.
last year I went to the dome to see the pack and expected a long afternoon as a viking fan but you guys cant play on carpet. I wouldnt drive the bird in mpls especially around the dome. Not a good neighborhood. Enjoy your car in packerland
Ya, I heard bad things about the fans up there. It's always a good game when they meet thow.

It's not the carpet GB has trouble with it just your dome.

We did win the superbowl in New Orleans.
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