Got a thumbs up from an unexpected source

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Tom M

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Nov 28, 2001
Driving north on Rt 270 in the metro DC area this AM I got a big grin & a thumbs up from a guy driving.... a brand new M3 convertible! (Imola Red one with a tan top.)

I guess not all M3 cab drivers think TBirds are crap!

Imagine that, a world with room for chocolate AND vanilla!

Tom M

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TomM I got the the same thing here in York from an M3 driver. Don't we all just love it.

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99% of the people I meet love the car.
I've gotten thumbs up from a gal driving a Corvette, a guy driving a BMW, a guy driving a Mercedes and a guy driving a Porsche.
The best was from a young Marine at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (California). He was walking across the parking lot as I was pulling out of a parking space. He looked over and yelled "Hey Dog, great car!"
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