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Lately I have been having these uncomfortable feelings. I keep hearing about the Salmon color car for '03, and that was my first choice from the beginning. Now , I happen to think my Black TBird is the most beautiful car in the world, and have never, and I mean never, thought of not keeping it. And now my mind keeps kind of sliding over to this thought of getting one of the coral colored ones, if they are offered.
Ugh......what a feeling.
Hi, my name is Joy, and I am addicted to this car......Thanks for listening.
know exactly what you mean. i've had a blue one on order since the earth cooled and T-rex roamed. But i would love a salmon with the brown leather interior we saw in the gray car.

But i'm not cancelling or changing my order.
I love the blue car. And I have had about as much of waiting as I can enjoy.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: 10 of 18
Joy - I was interested in the new colors as well. Am also intrigued by the potential added features, such as heated seats, new interior color scheme, as well as added horsepower. But my wife and I are so happy with the blue, that we most likely will never consider replacing our car.

Also, I suspect that the price increase for the next model with added features will be out of my price category anyway. There is a limit to what I will pay for a car!

2002 Premium
Thunderbird Blue/Blue/Partial
I feel like such a traitor....You guys have the blue , Have not seen one yet, which I hear is a beautful. You know not for anything but the color, would I waiver..
I told mother just yesterday after we stop
to see a white bird at another dealership.
Let's just take the yellow one if it comes in, than in 03 if the salmon/coral color &
features look better can trade it in.

Now this comment was made assuming the
yellow comes in before the 03 introduced.
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