GOOD NEWS! (sorta)

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My Zaino products arrived today!!!

Now if I could just get my TBird....

Bruce, you listening????


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Try that great Zaino stuff on what ever you're driving now! You'll be amazed! My '97 red mustang now looks better than the day I bought it!

I ordered direct from Zaino. You can't order directly on the Web. I went to their Web site and downloaded the order form and mailed it to them.
You also might want to contact them first by e-mail and see if there is a distributor in your area...I found one locally here in Phoenix and got the products immediately...and didn't have to pay for shipping!
I bought mine from a local distributor for the same prices as the website. He was at the Viper/Prowler night at one of our BBQ drive-ins. Like JimBob says, got the product right away and no shipping! Of course I still need the T-Bird to use it on. I guess I could do the '57 with it. And I can use it on the TC's..
gmadams-How long was it from mailing your order to receiving your products? I just sent mine off Friday a week ago and am anxious to receive them.
Gmadams - dude, we need to get you a car quick so you have something to do. Hey, on second thought, if you want to really see if there is a slight body line on the trunk lid and to practice putting Zaino on a car before you get yours, drop by and I'll put you to work on mine!!
Hansenisu - I have a better idea! I'm off on Friday, May 3. How about if I come over and pick up your Tbird and bring it over to my house (via the beach) and apply the Zaino....
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