Going Backwards in a Hurry

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We've noted some peculiarities about the wondercar, and another thing came to my attention this morning as I backed out of the garage.

The speedometer registers in reverse. My 1983 Heritage and 1987 LX both had digital speedos, and they would prominently display the speed as the car moved backwards. I'd never noticed that an analog gauge would do so until I saw it this morning. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming, since I was still not fully awake, so when i got to the office I took advantage of the mostly empty mall parking lot and tried it again, with a bit more speed. Surely enough, it moved upwards.

Having driven nothing but Ford products, I may not be aware that other brands do the same thing, but I found it interesting.

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Originally posted by DavidA:
I'm pretty sure the guages are electronic, not analogue. The readout is analogue, yes, but the guts are pure digital electronic.

This is correct, the gauges are not mechanical anymore.
The gauges are electronic, but they are analogue also. Analogue means the have needles or pointers and digital of course is digital readout. So analogue can be mechanical or electronic.

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If I'm not mistaken, while the "readout" is analogue, the electronics behind it are digital (much great accuracy than mechanical or analogue).
Yes, the readout is analog. I was just surprised to see the needle moving when I was backing up. Do other cars do that?

I guess not many folks notice, since one certainly should NOT be looking at the gauges while moving backwards!!! LOL!
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