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Gobird (Spence and his wife Judy) are in FL visiting his father in Sebring. Yesterday they drove over to St. Pete to visit with us. They arrived around 2PM and we spent several hours at our place just talking and enjoying a beer or two. I was somewhat concerned that the topic would be all TBird (my wife thinks I have an obsession with this car, she's right) but the conversation covered a range of subjects, although a good portion was Bird talk.

This was the first time we had a chance to get up close and personal with another TBird, it is only the third I have seen. The blue is absolutely beautiful. When we ordered ours it was sight unseen. We both were skeptical of ordering a car just by looking at the colors in the brochure, so we opted for the black, pretty safe choice there. On the way home from dinner (supper) the wife commented if she had known how nice the blue was she would have gone for it. Oh well.

We went to dinner at a resturant out on the beach so we could catch the sunset. On the drive out we picked up a bullet Bird, so we had an impomptu TBird parade. I now know what you all must have felt when you have gathered a flock for a flight. It was interesting watching the heads turn and listing to the oohs and aahs as we passed.

It was a beautiful top down type of day, temps in the mid 80s. Gobird has not had a lot of top down time living in PA and I was glad it was such a nice day, however, both he and Judy are going to know it today as they are sure to be quite red, they picked up a lot of sun on the trip over.

He brought a copy of his music compilation for me and it is a very nice mix for the TBird. It has found a permanent home in slot 1.

This is the my first face to face with a member of our family and it has made me look forward to Thunder even more as I will get to meet many more of you all at the event.

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Thanks Joe, sounds like a great visit. I am kind of concerned about seeing the blue one in person also. Like you, I ordered sight unseen figuring black is safe. Any way it is nice to know us northerners have 'friends' in warm places. Joy
I hereby call upon all Forum members to converge (with your multi-colored birds) upon the Font of knowledge formerly known as JODROD.

How can it be that one that has touched so many birds and their owners has been deprived of an in person viewing of the full spectrum and options?

Therefore, on behalf of the Forum grateful, I hereby call for a T-Bird Convergence on Joe's place this Sunday, say 3:00 p.m.??!!

Beers on the house! BTW, you are going to be blown away by Thunder or your first gathering of ten or more birds. It's that cool.

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