gear Shift Knob

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Phewwww,,,, just got back on line, some PC trouble.

Does anyone know a part # for the gear shift knob. I tried to get a blue one at my dealer and told me it looks like I would have to order the knob and shifter, for around $250 !!!!!! I just want the knob. Any ideas out there?? Thanks Joy
Just cost me $870.00 canadian to get back on line,she burnned up real good! I got a parts sheet off of Ebay, it shows just the knob but it cost $230.55. Most be the whole shifter at that price. Part # for blue knob is 2W6Z 7213 BA There tading tops out there, may be they will knob swap.

Triple black 3 of 5.....7854
Thanks Tbird eh, I thought about that on the tour. I will see what my dealer says about that Parts #. Thanks again. Joy
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