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Fuel problem 1958 Thunderbird

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by Winner74, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. I am new to this post. My brother in law removed the fuel line from my ‘58 years ago when he did some welding. I don’t have a hoist so I didn’t fix my car for years. Recently I made up my own line in theee sections from the tank to the fuel pump. I have an entirely new fuel system from the new gas tank, lines, fuel pump and carburetor. I don’t see any leaks, but my flaring was not perfect but everything threaded right together. The fuel line by the left wheel house had fuel when disconnected, but engine runs off a separate gas can, but isn’t getting fuel from new tank. I have about 7 gallons of gas in tank, but doesn’t show much fuel on gauge. I installed new gauge sender also. This car has been sitting over 15 years. Any help is really appre
  2. Douglemmo

    Douglemmo Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Starting at the tank i would loosen each connection in the line to make sure gas is getting to each connection all the way to the pump. Gas should be at each connection.
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  3. I concur above. If the fuel pump is pulling from a can it seems like it should pump away. Maybe clogged pickup or something choking it as well? When using the fuel can (and I assume rubber hose) are you bypassing anything that you aren't with the steel lines? Fuel filter etc? Just trying to eliminate any problems from point A to B. Next trick would be to see if you could get the pump to pull from back at your first section of fuel line. Maybe make up an end with a flare fitting on one side, leave the other end plain steel line, clamp rubber fuel house from there to carb (or bottle) and see if it pumps from there and move to the next section?
  4. Dlluinstra

    Dlluinstra Active Member Gold Donor

    The new fuel lines have which needs to be purged.
    Or the fuel pump will not prime.
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  5. I got a siphon pump and gas came right up from the tank. Siphone from gas line that goes to the carburetor and again gas cams right up. Figured the problem is the fuel pump. I installed a new pump more than five years ago and it has been sitting on the engine on the car until a month ago when I tried to start the engine. I just took it off the engine and it had gas in it. I figured that was from my siphoning gas through it up the carb line. When I moved the pump lever it was hard to push as it should be but no fuel shot out. Any ideas what could have gone wrong with the pump sitting... or maybe it is defective from the factory.Asday
  6. I bought a siphon pump and fuel came up from the tank through the new metal lines with no problem. Put the siphon on the fuel line at the carburetor and again it pulled fuel up easily. Reconnected fuel pump and. no fuel. I had put this brand new fuel pump on about six years ago and it sat on the engine in the garage without the engine running til about a month ago. I know it could have been defective out of the box, but could it have gone bad just sitting dry on the engine? I have it off the car and there was gas in it, but that could have been when I siphoned the gas to the carb. I moved the pump arm and gas didn’t squirt out. Any ideas what is wrong? I have pulled fuel pumps apart in the past and they didn’t work again. Possibly something with the valves?
  7. I've never worked on this particular type of mechanical pump before and haven't seen a breakdown of one, but what I've heard of in the past and seen for myself was valve issues, sometimes maybe caused by no filter between the tank and the pump or diaphragm issues from either age, gremlins or fuel with ethanol in it. Hope you figure it out, will be interesting to see. I mean you HAVE to open her up now! Lol. There's nothing to lose.

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