Front Top Latches

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Just installed the "winter" top after a summer of flexible top living. I'd forgotten what an ordeal it is to "screw" with the front hardtop latch system.
Why in the world didn't Ford use the softtop latches on the hardtop? It works really well and the single throw lever is far more efficient than the torque screw "UP" on the hard top.
Hope next year's buyers have this modification.

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We love our t-bird, but i'd love to have 5 minutes alone in a room with the idiots who
1. came up with the idea of those bolts for the front of the top.
2. the useless sun visors
3. the tape for the back deck

the design of these things seems to fail basic engineering 101. they are an embarassment.

Gary L Henkel
front left hardtop bolt stripped or what it screws into stripped or broken. repair suggestions? ford name name of these two parts?
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