Front side marker light bulb 1969 Thunderbird

No I don't need to know how to access it. I need to know what the blub number is. I can't seem to find it.
If it's the one filament bigger bulb it's probably an 1156 and the locking studs at the bottom of bulb is the same place.. 1157 is 2 filament bulb for tail light , stop light. turn signal. one filament usually for parking lights or side lights. The locking studs on the bottom of the 1157 is higher than the other one Unless it's a smaller flat type of bulb that pushes in. they're usually a 194 bulb
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I haven’t yet gotten the bulbs as I have since parked the car. Have an issue with an antifreeze leak I need to take care of. But the bulb is the type with the locking logs on the bottoms in the same place. Also there is only a single contact on the bottom.