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Hi BON alumni, and fellow bird lovers. I missed the discussion regarding closing the BON T-Bird board. It was closed, then re-opened shortly Friday. Today it is closed again.

I have been checking this board periodically for some time, but it was not too active, so I never had occasion to post before. If BON remains closed, I thing we will eventually see this become the site of choice for ex-BON members. I posted on BON as ECWilson, and will e-mail those I have addresses for this morning.

First day here and I already see a lot of familiar names. Looks like I'll spend twice as much time checking the boards now.

This board looks a little newer than the BON board.
Like another bird of native myth, the Thunderbird forum has risen
from the ashes and will soon be reopen for business. They are having a little trouble
getting off the ground - none of the previous postings are
available, but it looks like members will be able to log in with their previous
names and passwords.

Check [link removed to prevent your browser from hanging] later when service is restored.

The Forums link at is currently missing but Sharon Elliott, the new BON administrator, is working on it. It's good to have the familiar site back, but I hope we don't lose all the information that was stored there.

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