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Has anyone thought about making up a small card, like a business card, with a picture of the 2002 T-Bird on it and the words: on it. We would like to hand out the cards when we talk to sales people, dealers and other folks about our new T-Bird. It seems that there is a lot of interest in the T-Bird and a card that you can hand to them would help. Most of the people we talk to about the T-Bird have never heard of this forum.

Perhaps someone with a lot of talent could put together an MS Word document with multiple versions of a card on one sheet that anyone could print out on card stock paper with their own color printer at home or at the office?

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SD, yes I made up some cards like your talking about. Tbird had posted something quite a while back and I downloaded it and put a border on it and printed them out. I'm not sure how long ago this was. Tbird, do you remember posting this?

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